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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The UIndy Department of Anthropology provides unique research opportunities for its students.

The UIndy Department of Anthropology provides unique research opportunities for its students, often centering around discoveries found in field sites. For instance, Dr. Chistopher Moore is currently soliciting the help of graduate and undergraduate students to expand the research of bone tools, an opportunity sparked by the discovery of a 10,000-year-old tool found by UIndy students in northern Indiana.

Current student research projects

Analysis of protohistoric Guale Indian pottery

Student Zachary Gross is working with Dr. Christopher Moore to develop a detailed typology of Guale Altamaha ceramics uncovered from Sapelo Island, Ga. The goal is to publish this work in the journal Southeastern Archaeology.

Analysis of mid-19th century artifacts from the O'Neall House

Student Kylie Holmes is analyzing ceramics and glass from shovel probes excavated at the historic O'Neall house in Montgomery County, Ind. She has used the results of her analysis to develop distribution maps of artifact types at the site. This research will be used to develop future research projects at the site. She also plans to present her research at one or more upcoming conferences.

The Carroll County Wildcat Archaeological Research Project (WARP)

Student Ethan Bean is working with Dr. Moore to develop a ceramic and glass coding scheme for 19th century artifacts. Ethan is using this coding scheme to analyze materials recovered from the mid-19th century town of Xenia in Carroll County. He will be contributing the results of his studies to the State Historic Architectural and Archaeological Research Database (SHAARD) and presenting the work at an upcoming conference.

Student Ingeborg Slegers is reanalyzing collections donated to UIndy by Purdue University and collected as part of their survey work in Carroll County in the 1990s. Ingeborg's work represents a fraction of the research potential of this collection. Many sites are represented and available for students interested in prehistoric or historic archaeology.

Analysis of artifacts from the Lew Wallace study

Freshmen student Tayler Riley currently has a College of Arts & Sciences research assistantship and is working with Dr. Moore to clean and catalog artifacts from the Lew Wallace Study & Museum in Crawfordsville. Her research will be incorporated into an upcoming technical report on UIndy's investigations at the site.

Want to get involved?

Students wishing to obtain hands-on lab experience working with artifacts from archaeological sites can volunteer in the Material Culture Laboratory or sign up for the Research Experience class (ANTH 382) for one-half to four credits per semester. Students may join ongoing research projects or start a research project of their own.


There are many way to get involved in research, and some original research experiences may require funding. The College of Arts & Sciences supports student research and scholarly activity through grant opportunities to offset costs such as research supplies and travel. 

Conferences give your research a voice

Students are encouraged (but not required) to present their work at professional conferences and to pursue publication. Professors have taken students to multiple conferences and meetings in both anthropology and archaeology each year. 

Conferences, annual meetings and hosting organizations have included: