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Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

The Anthropology major takes a broad approach to recognizing, studying, describing, analyzing and understanding many aspects of culture. Students select a few courses each from topics that are primarily cultural, biological and archaeological. This approach ensures well-rounded exposure to diverse ideas and perspectives within anthropology. The Anthropology degree also offers unique training and perspectives to students interested in health sciences careers. Students must select one of the two tracks for the anthropology major:

Four-field anthropology

The four-field anthropology track combines courses in archeology, regional and topical sociocultural anthropology, medical sociocultural anthropology and biological anthropology.

Anthropology of health

The anthropology of health track draws on medical, cultural, linguistic and biological anthropology to examine the biocultural basis of health and the sociopolitical and cultural dimensions of illness experience and treatment. Students who complete this track will be well-prepared to pursue careers in diverse health-related settings (including non-profit and government service) and/or to advance to graduate school in anthropology, public health and related disciplines. It also serves as a great foundation for students interested in pursuing careers in medicine.

Bachelor of Science in Archaeology (also spelled Archeology)

The Archaeology major gives students real hands-on archaeological instruction and experience in both laboratories and the outdoors. Our archaeology field school is usually located in Indiana and research materials in our labs are largely North American. Although we emphasize New World studies, we also offer a course in Classical Archaeology. We train students in both theory and method, enabling them to dig and work professionally anywhere in the world after they graduate. Many students who come here to major in Archaeology see Anthropology as an excellent complementary degree.