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At a Glance

Watchdog Alert System

When UIndy is threatened by severe weather or other dangers, the University alerts students with its electronic notification system, Watchdog. Named for the school's greyhound mascot, Watchdog sends warnings and instructions to identified phone numbers and email addresses.

UIndy encourages students to register multiple points of contact for the messages, including home and cell phone numbers and email addresses that are checked frequently. The more options Watchdog has for reaching a student, the more likely he or she will receive an alert. This is also an avenue to keep parents posted in case of an emergency situation on campus. Phone calls, text messages and emails all will be used to contact students in the event of an emergency.

Phone messages originate from 317-788-3559, so phones with Caller ID can be programmed to display the name “Watchdog” when that number calls.

Students register for Watchdog through the Watchdog channel on My UIndy, the campus intranet. Instructions are listed in the channel.