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At a Glance

Lectures & Programs

The academic year at UIndy is rich with lectures and programs on a myriad of topics, which makes it interesting and easy for students to earn Lecture/Performance credit. Many, such as the annual Kellogg Writers Series, are cultural in nature; others are more scholarly. The University Series and Diversity Series were created specifically for students.

University Series

The lectures, programs and special events of the University Series are designed to foster campus discussions focusing on UIndy's four learning goals: social responsibility, creativity, performance and critical thinking.

2016-17 Events
Flipping the Script

In 2016–2017, we will explore how critical thinking and social responsibility relate to each other. From day to day, we locate our personal identity in relation to the social scripts that narrate expectations for ourselves and for those around us. We find stability in these scripts–in thinking of ourselves as faculty, students, citizens, activists, family, friends. "Flipping the script" involves thinking about our roles and behaviors in different ways. Critical thinking enables us to discover new ways, for example, to understand freedom from–discrimination or poverty, say–as well as freedom for the exercise of responsibility. Exploring new scripts for everyday life poses challenges. As we register new expectations for how lives matter and we identify ourselves in different ways than before, we create, together, the script of social responsibility.

Times and locations can be found on the UIndy calendar.


Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016
Showers Lectureship: A Visit from C. S. Lewis
7 p.m., McCleary Chapel, Schwitzer Student Center

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2017
Provost's Lecture: What is the Biggest Problem in the World?
4:30-6 p.m., Ruth Lilly Performance Hall
Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center

Friday, March 3, 2017
Greenspace and Civic Leadership
11 a.m.-7 p.m., UIndy Hall, Schwitzer Student Center

2016-17 Diversity Series

The Diversity Lecture Series celebrates the diversity on our campus. Six events throughout the year (three per semester) provide a fun and interesting approach to topics such as ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. The programs feature comedians, theatrical performances, musicians, reality-show cast members and professional speakers. 

Sept. 14 - One Race, One People, One Peace
9 p.m., UIndy Hall

This thoughtful, moving performance is full of humor, drama and truth that moves past catch phrases and political correctness to powerful portrayals of the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit. The one-hour show uses video, poetry, improvisation and moving theatre to highlight the power of dialogue and the healing that comes from reconciliation. "One Race" takes an honest look at prejudice, racism, homophobia and terrorism through poignant monologues and poetic scenes.

Oct. 24 - Jeremy Wallace - How to be an Ally to the Transgender Community
9 p.m., UIndy Hall

This program will introduce an overview of gender identity as well as common challenges faced by members of the transgender community. Jeremy dives right into how to be a true supporter of transgender students, faculty and staff on campus. Jeremy takes students through practical steps they can implement into their lives, on and off campus to be an ally.

By sharing stories full of humor and insight, he helps students understand that transgender individuals still appreciate a little privacy, too. Students will leave with a new perspective on some burning questions they've been wanting to ask.

Nov. 14 - Shinjini Das - Define America - The Powerful Rise of Millennials of Color
9 p.m., UIndy Hall

The concept of American is becoming harder and harder to define as Americans become increasingly versatile and diversified. In this presentation, Shinjini acts as a guide through the bumpy landscape of identity in America. Shinjini explains how the shift towards a more colorful America is a shift towards the full embrace of multiple cultures, multiple perspectives, and multiple thought processes around various ideas. She inspires individuals in sustaining conversation around global diversification and provides a realistic and relatable approach to this topic that is more important now than ever before.