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Business Administration major

A degree in business administration allows you to pursue careers in a variety of industries. Under the guidance of UIndy's helpful and experienced faculty, you'll receive a well-rounded business education that covers all the major topics of business, including accounting, law, economics, marketing, finance and information systems. In addition to core business classes and additional courses on management, business administration majors are required to minor in another business discipline. UIndy also offers an associate degree in Business Administration.

Program strengths

  • Highly qualified faculty with real-world business experience
  • Capstone course that allows experiential application of business intelligence and judgment through a computer-based business simulation
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Broad-based program that provides a leadership/management skill set applicable in numerous organizational functions and settings, both public and private
  • Combining the Business Administration major with a preferred minor broadens the scope of employment and career opportunities.

Business Administration students and grads have interned or worked for:

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS)
  • Caterpillar Remanufacturing Backhaul Direct
  • RJE Interiors
  • Netlogx

Potential careers in Business Administration

Business administration students pursue careers in a variety of fields. Common jobs for recent business administration graduates include:

  • Purchasing Manager
  • Materials Manager
  • Contract Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Business Manager
  • General Manager
  • Insurance Sales Agent
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Personal Banker

Business Administration might be for you if:

  • You enjoy leading and working in a team atmosphere
  • You enjoy guiding organizations toward goal achievement
  • You think strategically and are future oriented
  • You enjoy being in a position of leadership
  • You enjoy an environment of change and transformation

Curriculum Guides

These curriculum guides outline the classes you'll need to take as a Business Administration major. The general education curriculum guide lists your class options and requirements to fulfill UIndy's general education requirements, while the Business Administration curriculum guide lists the classes needed to major in Business Administration. You'll need to look at both guides to get a complete picture of what classes you'll take at UIndy.