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Bridge Scholars Program

The Bridge Scholars Program, a division of the Academic Success Center, helps at-risk but capable high school students make a college education a reality. By providing additional support services, encouragement and assistance to participants, the program helps ease the transition from high school to college and increases the chances of graduating.

The Bridge Scholars Program is not a remedial program. It is geared toward students who have the potential to be successful in college, but who will likely need additional support in order to realize that success. Students in the program are admitted to UIndy through the regular admissions process and represent the entire range of admission categories from "admitted with distinction" to "contingent admits." The common denominator for these students is that they are participants in the state's Twenty-first Century Scholars Program, and most are also first-generation college students.

Qualifying Criteria

Bridge students are admitted to the University through the same admissions process and procedures as all other high school students. High School counselors recommend students who meet the following criteria:

  • High school seniors
  • Twenty-first Century Scholars
  • GPA of at least 2.7 on a 4.0 scale
  • On a Core 40 diploma track by the end of their junior year
  • Qualify as "high potential," but who may
    • Need assistance in making the transition from high school to college
    • Have difficulty visualizing college as a true possibility
    • Not have a family tradition of college attendees
    • Face social, personal or cultural barriers

The Bridge Scholars Program is currently active in the following area high schools:

  • Ben Davis
  • Broad Ripple
  • Christel House Academy
  • Decatur Central
  • Franklin Central
  • George Washington
  • Indianapolis Metropolitan
  • Northwest
  • Perry Meridian
  • Pike
  • Roncalli
  • Scecina Memorial
  • Southport
  • Warren Central

How the Bridge Scholars Program Works

During High School

The goal of the high school component of the Bridge Scholars Program is to "demystify" the college experience through a variety of activities and campus visits. During the first campus visit, students tour campus and are introduced to various campus offices. During another visit, students shadow current UIndy students to classes and around campus to get an idea of what a typical college student's day is like.

During College

During the first semester of their freshman year, Bridge Scholars with a "contingent" admit status are required to meet weekly with their mentors from the Academic Success Center. All other Bridge Scholars meet weekly during the first semester with the Bridge Program Director. These weekly meetings lessen the possibility that students will "fall through the cracks."  Especially during the critical first year, but also as needed throughout their time at UIndy, the Bridge Program Director serves as an advisor and counselor, supporting and encouraging the students as they make the transition into college and throughout their college career.

Financial Aid for Bridge Scholars

Once a Bridge Scholar has been admitted to the University of Indianapolis, the student then becomes eligible to receive a Bridge Award for eight semesters based upon his/her academic performance. The award is renewable for a total of four years, so long as the student continues to achieve academically while also meeting the University's policies regarding the renewal of one's financial aid.

Contact the Bridge Scholars Program

Brenda Bassi, Academic Success Associate
Brenda Bassi

Academic Success Associate

Schwitzer Student Center, 206