Fifth Third Bank Campus Sculpture Walk

A variety of artwork decorates the UIndy campus through the campus sculpture walk. Sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, the free outdoor art exhibition features work by artists from around the country. Sculptures vary greatly in size, style and subject, and most were chosen for inclusion through the Fifth Third Bank Campus Sculpture Walk Competition. Twenty-four sculptures are included in the exhibition.

1. Sol y Sombra - Bernie Carreño
2. Dot to Dot - Shawn Phillip Morin
3. Wave Form Two - Gary Gresko
4. Temple XVIII - Austin Collins 
5. Flowers and Wallpaper - Catherine Schlebecker
6. Totem - Dee Schaad
7. Adam and Eve - Lee Benson 
8. Numinous Wedge - Jay Dougan
9. Universal Continuum - Beverly Precious
10. Anatomy Vessel - Eric Nordgulen
11. Rain - Kevin Lyles
12. The Train I Ride: Observation - Jake Webster 
13. Firefly - Lee Badger 
14. Modular Tower - Barry Barnes
15. Freedom's Folly - Kenneth Ryden
16. Big Red Prop Flower - Jennifer Meyer
17. Stand of Poppies - Jennifer Meyer
18. Quit Whining - Macy Dorf
19. Precautions - Bernie Carreño
20. On a Worldly Roll - Garry Bibbs
21. Totem to Aging - Bernie Carreño
22. Connected - Bernie Carreño
23. Caterpillar - Brian Ferriby
24. Source - K. Brunett & K. Thielking 

Print the Fifth Third Sculpture Walk map to bring with you when you visit. For best print quality, please save the document first.