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School of Psychological Sciences Undergraduate Programs

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Psychology Major

UIndy's undergraduate psychology major is intended for students planning to pursue graduate study in psychology. The program explores the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, which includes the biological bases of thought, how people develop physically, psychologically and socially, the various psychological disorders and how they are assessed and treated, as well as the interrelationships between culture, mind and behavior.

Program strengths

  • Provides a foundation in four core areas of psychology: biological bases, learning and cognition, developmental and sociocultural psychology
  • Provides solid preparation for graduate study in psychology 
  • Undergraduate research opportunities under the guidance of faculty
  • Optional clinical & counseling studies concentration
“I cannot imagine my last year at UIndy without Dr. Perdue's help. He was an amazing mentor as I worked through all the stages of my graduate school application, interview and decision process. He helped me with my resume and CV, wrote numerous recommendation letters for me, and advised me on how to study for the GRE. He even took time to connect me with people from other schools who could help me through my application and decision-making process.”
Tybytha Ryan
Pursuing PhD in School Psychology at Indiana University

Clinical & counseling studies concentration

The concentration in clinical and counseling studies is recommended for psychology majors who wish to become counselors or clinical psychologists and who wish to enhance their educational experience. This concentration is nine credit hours and includes the following courses: Abnormal Psychology, Personality and Sociocultural Factors, and Application of Psychology in Clinical and Counseling Settings. View the clinical and counseling studies curriculum ►

Potential careers in psychology

The depth of knowledge you will gain in the undergraduate psychology major, combined with hands-on experience in future graduate study, will provide preparation for a variety of high-level careers within numerous industries and organizations, including:

  • Clinical practices
  • Neurosciences
  • Research institutions
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Medicine
  • Social work
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Family law
  • Management 

The psychology major might be for you if:

  • You are interested in being a clinical psychologist or counselor
  • You are planning to pursue graduate studies in psychology
  • You enjoy listening to others and are good at picking up on social cues
  • You have strong communication skills and enjoy working directly with people

Curriculum Guides

These curriculum guides outline the classes you'll need to take as a psychology major. The general education curriculum guide lists your class options and requirements to fulfill UIndy's general education requirements, while the psychology curriculum guide lists the classes needed to major in psychology. You'll need to look at both guides to get a complete picture of what classes you'll take at UIndy.

University of Indianapolis General Education curriculum guide
Psychology Major Curriculum Guide