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School of Psychological Sciences Master of Arts in Psychology

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Master's in Psychology

This degree program is best suited for individuals who are seeking employment at the master's level, individuals who are interested in pursuing non-clinical doctoral degrees in health, social or industrial and organizational psychology. It is also designed for individuals who would like to take coursework in the core areas of psychology and who also want more research experience before a doctoral degree.

Program tracks

There are three tracks in the MA in Psychology program: forensics, program development and evaluation, and research.


The forensics track prepares students who are interested in applying psychological principles as they intersect with legal issues or the criminal justice system. Graduates will be able to apply for doctoral programs in forensic psychology, work in criminal justice systems, or advocacy programs. Students will complete coursework in psychology and criminal justice/applied sociology.

Program development & evaluation

The program development and evaluation track is suited for students who are interested in the intersection of mental health with industrial and organizational psychology. Students will have exposure to psychological principles and mental health concerns and coursework in research methods and program development and evaluation. Graduates will be able to be employed in social service agencies or business and industry.


The research/thesis track is designed to allow students to take courses in the core areas of psychological science and the opportunity to receive more extensive research training through the completion of a thesis.


The course format for this program varies including daytime and evening courses. Students have the option to start in the fall, winter or summer semesters, and may enroll on a part-time or full-time basis.

Program length

The MA in Psychology requires a minimum of 38 credit hours can be completed in 2 years (6 semesters). To complete the program in the minimum amount of time, students must attend full-time during the academic year and summers. If enrolled part time, all requirements must be completed within five years of being admitted into the program. 


Core courses

All MA in Psychology students will take a series of core classes that expose students to core knowledge in the science of psychology, including:

  • Neuropsychology and Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior
  • Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior
  • Life-Span Psychology
  • Psychopathology

Additionally, students will take courses in statistics and research methods.

Track courses and electives

Students will need to take additional courses pertaining to their track (12-15 credit hours), as well as 3-6 hours of electives. Students pursuing the thesis or forensic tracks must complete a minimum of 3 elective hours while students pursuing the program development and evaluation track must complete at least 6 elective hours. Students are encouraged to select electives that complement their track and their educational or professional aspirations.

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Cost for 2017-18 is $600 per credit hour. *subject to change

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When can I start?

The majority of students will begin the program in the fall semester; however, students may request a start date for the winter or summer semesters. The application deadline for admission to the Fall 2018 semester is March 15, 2018. Applicants may be considered for acceptance after the application deadline if space is available.