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Master of Arts Mental Health Counseling

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Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

The Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling is suited for students who are interested in becoming a professional counselor and/or pursuing future doctoral study.

Our faculty are dedicated to fostering in students high ethical standards and an appreciation for diversity, as well as graduate-level skills in the science of psychology, therapeutic modalities, intervention approaches, outcome evaluation, and psychological assessment and diagnosis.

For those with an art background or pre-art therapy credentials, the MA in Mental Health Counseling: Art Therapy Concentration is an ideal option, giving students a certificate in Art Therapy, as well as a license in Mental Health Counseling. To learn more, visit the Art Therapy Concentration page.  


Classes run on a regular semester schedule, meeting face-to-face or online.

Program length

The MA in Mental Health Counseling is 60 credit hours in length and can be completed in 2 years (6 semesters). To complete the program in the minimum amount of time, students must attend full-time during the academic year and summers.


The MA in Mental Health Counseling curriculum is focused on preparing individuals for clinical practice to aid in the understanding, study and treatment of human problems, as well as the enhancement of human functioning and potential.

The curriculum includes foundational coursework in clinical psychology, elective courses, and a 1,000-hour practicum experience. Completion of this 60-credit hour track results in eligibility for Indiana state licensure. A master's thesis is not required. MHC students may elect to enroll in the child and adolescent concentration, which requires completion of specific electives and three additional credit hours of coursework.

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Cost for 2017-18 is $898 per credit hour. *subject to change

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When can I start?

New students begin in the fall semester each year. The application deadline for the MHC program is March 1, 2018.