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At a Glance

Meet Our Students: Miguel

Name: Miguel

Home Country: Spain

: International Business and Marketing

Out of Classroom Activity
: UIndy Men’s Soccer, Marketing Club, National Society of Leadership and Success

Questions? Email:, Skype: MiguelUIndy

Why did you decide to go to school in the United States? Why UIndy?

I decided to continue my post high school education in the United States because I have attended US curriculum-based schools since I moved to Italy in 2007. I was used to the American systemof education, and I thought it was a great idea to go abroad to experience new things. I choseUIndy because it was the perfect place to grow as a student, as a soccer player, and as a person. They also offered the career that I wanted to pursue and had the perfect size. Another thing that made me choose UIndy is that it is located in a big city.

What is your favorite thing about studying at UIndy?

My favorite thing about studying at UIndy is the accessibility that professors offer. They arealways very easy to find around campus and will do everything that is in their power to help youout in any case. They tend to be very understanding with international students and will help youeven in situations that do not have anything to do with their class. They are very personal,approachable and supportive.

What's a typical day like for you?

All my classes usually start around 9 or 10 in the morning. After I am done with my morning classes, I get in touch with my friends to see who is available for lunch. Then, I tend to givemyself a little break before I restart my classes. In the afternoon, I usually do not have more thantwo classes, so my day is over at about 1 or 2 p.m. I go to soccer practice either in the morningbefore classes start, or in the afternoon. It depends on the day of the week. After I am done with classes and practice, I have some leisure time with my roommates. I eat dinner at around 7 p.m.and then I proceed to do homework. After that, my day is complete.

What advice would you give for new international students? What advice would you give about improving one’s English?

The answer to these questions is pretty much the same. The best way to improve your English is to make friends. One of the best things about UIndy is the diversity that this campus offers. So,my advice for new students is to sign up and attend as many activities and events as you can, andtry to connect with people. Do not feel like an outsider because you will fit in just fine. So, don’tbe afraid to talk to somebody because everybody is very friendly and welcoming.

What is living on campus like?

I think living on campus is the best choice you can make. By living on campus, you give yourself the chance to have some lonely time, but there is always something going on so you will never get bored.

What are your future plans?

I want to finish my double major in international business and marketing here at UIndy and thenlook for an Master’s degree that focuses more on the business of the sport’s industry. I would like to get my Master’s somewhere in Europe, but you never know where life will take you. So, I will have to wait a little more time to see where mine takes me next.

What is the food really like? What is the best thing/place to eat at UIndy/Indy?

I love the diversity of food that both the school and the city offer. You can go to any kind ofrestaurant you want within a ten minute drive from campus. My favorite place to eat at UIndy is Fiesta Grill, which is a little Mexican place there is in Schwitzer Student Center. In Indianapolis, there are many places which I enjoy going to. One of my favorite places for lunch and dinner isSantorini, which is a Greek restaurant located three miles away from campus. If you are lookingfor breakfast or brunch, Flap-Jacks is the place to go to.

What have you learned about American culture since coming to UIndy?

Here in America, people have a much more dynamic lifestyle than in Spain. Here, people getthings done at a much faster pace, and are always on to their next task. It is not until all their obligations are completed that they take a break. Back home, breaks are much more common andif something does not get done one day, you can do it the next one. Americans value time a lotmore than Southern European countries, and it is good to come to UIndy because you learn howto be a lot more efficient.

What is the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)? How did you find outabout it?

The National Society of Leadership and Success is a nation-wide organization that allowsstudents to build and improve their leadership skills on campus and online. It also offers a lot ofbenefits such as access to a job bank, scholarships, resume enhancements, and more. I got invited through a letter that I got in the mail and that came from UIndy’s chapter. They asked me if Iwanted to join, and I thought it was a great opportunity. Now, as an inductee, I can takeadvantage of all the benefits being offered, and I can keep improving my leadership skills.