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Meet Our Students: Minghui (Grace)

Name: Minghui (Grace) Tian

Home Country: China

: International Business

Out of Classroom Activity
: Leadership Certificate Program, Conversation Circles

Questions? Email:, Skype: UIndyGrace

Why did you decide to go to school in the United States? Why UIndy?

After I graduated from high school, I went to a college in Taiwan and choseInternational Business as my major. One of my graduation requirements was thatI must study at least 1 year in an English speaking country. At that time, studyingin the United States was my dream so I started to do some research on colleges inU.S. Then I learned that my Taiwanese college is a sister school of UIndy and theyhave a double degree program for my major, which means that I can get twodegrees from my Taiwanese college and UIndy when I graduate. I was alsoattracted by UIndy’s typical features such as friendly atmosphere and smallclasses. That’s why I chose UIndy.

How was the admission process at UIndy?

Actually, it was not as complicated as I thought. The main reason was that UIndy’sadmission office was really helpful and efficient. The international division of myTaiwanese school helped me submit all the paperwork to UIndy. In the meantime,I communicated with both sides well. So not only did I get admitted smoothly, butalso learn a lot of things about UIndy and the U.S college system.

What is your favorite thing about studying in the US? About UIndy?

My favorite thing about studying in the US is its diversity. I can meet people fromall over the world. In particular, I made friends with many international studentsin UIndy, who provided incredible insights from different perspectives, which is really mind-blowing.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I usually get up around 7 and work out for half an hour to start my new day. Afterthat, I go to eat breakfast in the dining hall with my good friend. I also chat withmy friends whenever I come across them on campus. After finishing my classesand work, I invite my friends for dinner or go to different activities. Then I need todo my homework or study for a test. I want to balance my study and social life, soeveryday I need to learn something new and try to make at least one new friendby networking with people after class.

What advice would you give to a student applying for a visa?

First of all, they should have a mindset that just because it may take manyprocedures, it doesn’t mean that it is something too complicated to overcome. It will be much easier if they break down and list every procedure they need to door every paperwork they need to fill out. There are lots of tips and instructions for applying for a visa for them to refer to too.They can also treat the whole applyingprocess as the first small achievement in the journey of studying abroad since wellbegun is half done.

Please talk in more detail about your extracurricular activities.

I participated in UIndy’s Leadership Certificate Program because I am a businessstudent and I am always interested in leadership, communication andmanagement. It is easy to get involved because people there are easy-going andthey are willing to share their stories and wisdom. My favorite part is that wehave done a lot of meaningful and thought-provoking activities to improve ourleadership skills.

What advice do you have for new international students? What advice would you give about improving one’s English skills?

New international students may feel insecure or clumsy at the beginning, which isreally normal and inevitable. The sense of isolation may be the biggest reason, that’s why they must have initiative and be proactive to know more people and get familiar with their new environment. In order to improve one’s English skills, chatting with native speakers will be the most direct and effective way. They are very welcome to join the Conversation Circles program of UIndy, which is designed to bring American and international students together to chat and make connections. Not only can they practice English but also learn new things and make new friends.

What is living on campus like?

It’s comfortable and safe. The residence halls are really nice and the RAs are patient and helpful. You can decorate your room as you wish. Living on campus also gives you more chance to make more friends and involve in various oncampus activities.

What are your future plans?

I will apply for OPT (Optional Practical Training), which is a temporary employment that directly related to F-1 student’s major area of study. I want to find an internship or a job related to International Business after graduation.

What is the food really like? What are the best things or places to eat at UIndy/Indy?

The food in UIndy is getting better and better since the supplier was changed last year. I like having breakfast in the dining hall. My favorite place on campus is Fiesta Grill. The tacos and quesadilla there are really tasty and unforgettable. Plus,there are some good Indian restaurants in downtown and some good Chinese restaurants on the East side of Indy.