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At a Glance

Meet Our Students: Fatem

Name: Fatem

Home Country: Saudi Arabia 

: Visual Communication Design

Out of Classroom Activities: Anything art & design related

Why did you decide to enroll in UIndy?

I decided to come to UIndy because it’s a safe campus to be in and it has a great learning and communicating environment. They also have a lot of programs to choose from, so you will definitely find your way here! What I like even more about UIndy is that it’s a small campus and you get to know all the buildings very quickly!

How do you benefit from UIndy's small class sizes?

The small class sizes was the first thing I noticed once the semester started. I wasn’t used to being in a class with such a small amount of students. At first I was a little nervous and shy because each student gets a lot of attention in classes, but then I realized how much of a good thing this is! You get a lot of communication and help from your instructors and classmates.

What is your favorite thing about going to school in the US?

Going to school here is fun! My favorite thing about going to school in the U.S. is that I get the freedom to choose my dream major. UIndy has an enormous amount of majors to choose from! Also, I like that students here are from all around the world which helps me to get to know and meet people from different cultures.

What classes do you enjoy?

As a graphic designer I enjoy classes in which I get to work on my design projects. I like to do things with my hands rather than listening all the time without actually practicing what I’ve learned!

What are your future plans? What are you doing to help meet your goals?

Right now I’m working on my bachelor's degree in VCD (Visual Communication Design). I’m also working as an International Students Ambassador to get an idea of the working field in general and the practicing of communication with other people from all around the world, which is going to benefit me once I go back to my country!

What do you like to do for fun in Indianapolis?

We all need to have some fun and relax while we’re here in the U.S.! The weather in Indianapolis is usually nice, so I like to go for walks on the Canal in downtown Indy and sometimes go shopping at one of the great malls we have here!

So, how is the food really?

When it comes to food, I’m a very picky person, but I love the food here! There are a lot of restaurants to choose from: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, American food and many more! I like to go every now and then to a new restaurant and try their food and I always find a dish that I become addicted to!