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At a Glance

Meet Our Students: Julia

Name: Julia

Home Country: Brazil

International Relations and Business Administration

Outside of Class Activities:
swim team

Why did you decide to go to school in the United States and why UIndy?

I chose UIndy for many reasons: more opportunities, they have my program (International Relations), I received swimming and academic scholarships, and it is a respected school.

How was the admission process at UIndy?  What advice would you give to a student applying for a visa?

The Admissions staff helps you out through the entire process -- being patient, helping step-by-step and giving you personal attention! If you plan on applying for a visa, start early, be organized and make sure you have all the needed documents for your appointment!

How did you get involved with the University of Indianapolis swim team?

I researched swimming programs, contacted the coach, introduced myself (told him my best events and times) and asked about the possibility of a scholarship.

What do international students need to do to play a sport at a NCAA school?

Contact the coach, register in the NCAA website, send all your official transcripts and test grades to the NCAA office.

What is your favorite part about being on the swim team?

It is like a family, you make good friends, and the sport itself helps me stay relaxed!

What have you learned about American culture since coming to the University of Indianapolis?

A lot! By coming here I notice the small differences between cultures. It is great to get to know more and more about a different culture! Helps to keep you open-minded!