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Meet Our Students: Henrieta

Name: Henrieta

Major: International Relations

Home Countr
y: Zimbabwe

Outside of Class Activities
: Black Student Association, Promoting Animal Welfare & Safety, Student Government

How was the admission process to UIndy for you?

Having applied to five other universities, UIndy was the most efficient and the easiest! Other universities took months to respond to my emails and queries while UIndy representatives took a matter of days. My admissions advisor was also very welcoming and understanding when I missed a deadline and the university was open to making adjustments for me.

How was the visa application process for you?

I was a tank of nerves prior to my visa interview, as people had been bombarding me with "what ifs." However, the man who interviewed me simply laughed and gave me advice on how to survive my freshman year! Who would have thought!

Why did you decide to enroll in UIndy?

What won me over were the people, the student representatives who were always ready to help me and were very hospitable. UIndy just felt more like home to me and indeed, it really is.

How do you benefit from UIndy's small class sizes?

UIndy is famous for its small class sizes and as a current student I would not want to have it any other way. Being in a smaller class makes it a whole lot easier to keep up and interact with both your professors and peers. Mentally, it makes the classroom a more relaxed zone than anything else.

What is your favorite thing about going to school in the US?

To be completely honest, it has to be the online shopping! However, if I turn the camera to the bigger picture, my favorite thing about learning in the US is that I am not from here. I love being the foreign kid because everyone wants to hear what you have to say.

What campus organizations have you been involved in?

I have become involved in a number of activities and clubs such as the Black Student Association (BSA) and Promoting Animal Welfare & Safety (PAWS). Also, I recently won the campus election for secretary for the Student Government. At first glance it may seem like I have bitten off a little more than I could chew, but from these organizations I have developed lasting friendships, enhanced my résumé, and paved my way for future internships before graduation.

What is a typical day like for you?

Waking up at 10 a.m. and flying through all my classes, working and being dragged off by my friends to a new activity being hosted on campus. There is literally always something to do on campus from flag football games to meeting television personalities such as Bill Rancic.

What is the best thing to eat at UIndy? What is the food really like?

Admittedly, ever since I moved to the US my food addiction has been any form of Hershey's chocolate. During my first week on campus, I was really nostalgic and mainly missed my mom's spicy cooking, but the campus has quite a few food choices which I explored and finally found my favorite dishes.

What advice would you give another international student planning to study in the US?

Do not over pack! Trust me, I made that mistake and now I have an entire wardrobe of clothes I do not even wear. There are a lot of malls in Indianapolis with many stores. With every season comes a new array of styles, and trust me, you will get swept up with the hype. Also, do not worry about fitting in. There is nothing I love more than standing out just because I was born an entire world away.