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At a Glance

Meet Our Students: Aura

Name: Aura

Home Country: India

: Psychology                  

Out of Classroom Activity
: Indian Student Association/ Global Rally of Students 

Why did you decide to come to UIndy?

I really wanted to go to a small school where I wouldn’t be lost in the crowd.  The class sizes here are small, so I feel like I get the attention I need from my professors.  My professors know my name and how I am doing in class.   I think this is going to help me when it comes time to apply for graduate school and internships.

What is your favorite thing about going to school in America?

I like the flexible system. There are no ‘set courses’ like there are back home.  I like the ability to make choices about the classes I want to take and the program I want to major in. Also, I feel like the classes in the U.S. are more holistic in nature and you learn not just what your major has to offer but other things that add to your knowledge base and enrich your personal experience.

What do you like to do in Indianapolis?

I like to hang out with my friends, explore the city, and go to the museums downtown.  I greatly enjoy art and the First Friday art exhibits downtown are one of my favorites as is the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I also really like going hiking in Brown County State Park, which is not too far from here.  I basically just like to look around and see what going on in the area; there is always something to do.

So, how is the food really?

Honestly, the food on campus is really convenient, and there are lots of different kinds of things to eat.  Of course, I like the Indian restaurants in downtown Indy, and a Greek restaurant on the southside.

How did you get involved with the Indian Student Association and the Global Rally of Students?

Well, I found the ISA just by searching for student groups on the UIndy website.  I found who to contact and just joined the group.  While I really like being part of the ISA, the more I was involved, I found that I wanted to be in a group that was focused on ALL International students (not just Indians), so I co-founded the Global Rally of Students.   The great part about UIndy is that anyone can start a group; you just need a couple other students and an advisor.  The student life department will help you get started; it’s really nice.

You are also involved in the Psychology Club.  What is your favorite part about that?

This club is more academic, and I like the interesting articles that we go through together.  I think this is great preparation for graduate school.