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How Much Will It Cost to Attend?

2017-18 academic year

For graduate study costs, please see information on individual graduate programs.

Direct Costs  
  Tuition (full-time)
  Room & Board (14 meals per week)
  Total Direct Costs (sum of above)
Indirect Costs  
  Books (estimate)
  Medical Insurance
  Emergency/Personal Reserve (not to be paid to UIndy)
Total resources needed to qualify for an I-20

The following forms of payment are acceptable:

  1. Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit or debit card online at (Instructions sent after enrollment deposit is received. An additional charge of 2.75% is applied.)
  2. Personal check from a U.S. bank made payable to the University of Indianapolis
  3. Cash in U.S. dollars
  4. International travelers checks
  5. International money order made payable to the University of Indianapolis
  6. Wire to the University bank account. Please contact your admissions counselor for detailed information and instructions.


  • Payment for each semester is due before that semester begins. Students unable to pay by the due date are not allowed to enroll. Students who do not enroll, but who remain in the United States, have violated their student visa status.
  • The University offers payment plans that allow you to spread your payment over a few months. You must start your payments before the semester begins.
  • Each student is expected to know the regulations of his/her government for exchanging and forwarding money to the United States. Difficulties in this area do not excuse a student from timely payment.
  • The United States government limits employment of F-1 visa holders. While jobs are available at the University of Indianapolis, students should not expect to use employment as a significant source of income.
  • Any grants or scholarships from the University of Indianapolis will be awarded before a student enrolls. No additional aid can be awarded after a student enrolls.
  • The University of Indianapolis does not provide loans. Information about private loans can be obtained at Private loans require a U.S. citizen cosigner.
  • Students are advised to keep copies of all financial documents for use in the visa application process.
  • The University posts charges on your ebill account once you are enrolled in classes. After you are registered for classes, you can check your bill and make payments at
  • Banks in the U.S. may require a university ID card in order to open an account.  Because you cannot obtain a university ID card until you are registered for classes, you may need to wait a few days after you arrive before you can open a bank account.  In addition, it may take up to ten days for a deposited draft to clear and for the funds to become available for your use.  Therefore, we do not recommend that you attempt to open a new account upon arrival and use that account to make your initial semester payment.  It is better to make your initial payment directly to the university through a method listed above.
  • Before moving to the United States, please inform your credit card company and your home financial institutions of the range of dates that you will be staying in the U.S.  It helps to know your total credit limit, daily credit limit, any individual charge limits and to have these increased if necessary.