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At a Glance

President's Cabinet

Michael Cartwright, PhD

Vice President for Mission

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Jeanette DeDiemar, PhD

Vice President for Communications & Marketing

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Steven Herriford

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

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Michael P. Holstein

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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Sean Huddleston

Vice President & Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer

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Stephen Kolison, Jr.

Executive Vice President and Provost

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Lara Mann

Special Assistant to the President

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Chris Molloy, vice president of University Advancement

Christopher Molloy

Vice President for Advancement

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Andrea Newsom, Director of Facility & Space Planning

Andrea Newsom

Vice President and General Counsel

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Kory Vitangeli

Vice President for Student and Campus Affairs, and Dean of Students

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Mark Weigand

Executive Vice President for Campus Affairs and Enrollment Services

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Suzanne Willey, PED

Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics

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