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Tax Information & Education Credits

Taxpayers may be eligible to claim a credit against federal income taxes for qualified tuition and related expenses of each student in the taxpayer's family who is enrolled at least half-time in an eligible educational institution. The 1098-T form provides information on this credit and is distributed to students in January to help determine eligibility for the tax credit. If you have questions about the tax credit, you should contact a qualified tax professional or the IRS Taxpayer Assistance line at 1-800-829-1040. You also may find helpful information about the Tax Relief Act on the IRS website. To recieve your 1098-T Tuition Statement electronically, click here. For additional information, check out the documents and IRS resources listed below.

Form 1098-T Information

IRS Publication # 17, Chapter 35, Education Credits

IRS Publication #970, Tax Benefits for Education

Lifetime Learning Credit